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The highly qualified, well-experienced team of Vets with different specializations are the backbone of Dr. Santa Animal Healthcare. They are all-ears to listen to your queries & concerns and they give you the most appropriate solution for the problems your pet might be facing. To become a good vet one needs the passion of understanding the plight of those who can’t speak and our passionate team of vets makes it very easy for you and your pet to express the pain you both are going though.


Our professional Veterinarians design a vaccination schedule selecting world-class vaccines. These vaccines are necessary for your pet based on the pedigree records, health profile, environmental exposure, and other bio-security related factors. Thus the pet is well protected from possible dreaded diseases and also to prevent pet parents from zoonotic infections. Cold storage of the vaccines are maintained following international standards and protocols.

Emergency Services

In a life of uncertainty we never know when there might be an emergency situation. When it comes to your loving pet friend, a health emergency can even be fatal. So we here, at Dr. Santa Animal HealthCare, are equipped with a separate and dedicated emergency unit to readily respond to any emergencies that may occur to your beloved pet and it’s just a call away. The emergency unit runs 24/7.

Inpatient Services

Your Pet needs the best care during post-surgery and medication. Considering the anxiety and fear that the pet and the pet parent will have during this phase, we have created a set of units for modern in-patient services. The pets will have a homely environment, provided with the best post-operative treatment, care, and management designed for each pet in separate units.

Surgery and Post Operative Care

All surgical procedures are carried out by well-experienced surgeons. Be it a minor soft tissue suture or extensive and major surgeries, we strictly follow all necessary healthcare protocols. The surgeries are always performed under the supervision of anaesthesia specialist. Special warming care is provided to the patients after a surgery while they recover. Every surgery patient has to go through a specially designed hygienic care session to fight against any probable infection.


The intensive Care Unit is created to make sure that your pet is treated at-par to humans where they need high-end and critical care. The highly modern ICU facility is a life saviour for the critically sick pet animals. This 24/7 running critical care unit makes sure that pets get the right care when they need them the most.


The age-old therapy now combines with well-advanced technology. Your pet does not need to rely only on oral medicine and injectables every time. Many of the health conditions can be treated using physiotherapy, specially the ones affecting joints and muscles. In many cases physiotherapy demonstrates much better result than surgical or oral medication. While in pain, a session or two of effective physiotherapy at Dr. Santa can make all the difference.


The advanced technological machinery and the pet-friendly handlers & experts make sure that your pet’s radiographs are done in the most efficient way. Quiet noise free machines makes the procedures utmost hassle free. Before the pets get to know about the radiography procedure performed on them, it’s done.


With the most advanced equipments, we have in-house laboratory to carry out all the necessary diagnostic procedures. Ranging from a simple stool test, routine urine examination to extensive haematology and biochemical blood profile examination, our lab offers all necessary pet diagnosis services.


Pets need to be groomed as good as the pet parents and hence we have a separate unit where your pet can relax and have a spa which includes bathing, drying, ear cleaning or gets a nice trimmed hair or nail by our Professional Groomers. The cosy spa centre at Dr. Santa might become the reason that your pet will want to visit us quite often.

Day Care

Now, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet to a crowded and noisy kennel when there is a personal emergency and you can’t be with him for sometime. Please walk-in or call us, we’ll take care of your pet with the best possible care and affection when you’re not around. Pets are placed separately in the day care facility and given personal attention. The supervisors are well trained and attendees’ health and emotional aspects are taken care in your absence.

Pet Supermarket

The one-stop solution for all that your pet needs. Ranging from food, toys, chews, and accessories whatever you name it we have it here at Dr. Santa pet supermarket. Covering an entire floor area, the pet supermarket is first of its kind in Bangalore where you can find products from all over the world.

Ambulance facility

During an emergency, every second counts. Specially with your pet friends, it is pretty crucial to have an ambulance when there is an urgent need. The sooner the better, for your Pet to reach the Vet we hope we are doing the most important thing by providing such a facility for your Dear friend. Our well equipped ambulance is just a call away to bring your pet to our world-class facility at Dr Santa so that emergency services can be offered on time.

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